Perforated Metal Sheet Screen & Panels Suppliers

Perforated Metal Sheet Suppliers

Perforated metal sheet with holes, also known as perforated metal panels, perforated mesh, perforated metal screen, or perforated plate, is an extremely versatile product that is made from metal sheet which is punched by a machine to create a pattern of holes, these holes can be round, square, rectangular, slotted, or decorative.

Amber Wire Mesh is one of the most professional perforated metal sheet suppliers in China, we supply a series of perforated metal panels available in wide range of hole sizes and patterns, we use different materials including stainless steel, plain steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and other higher alloy metal to meet the most demanding customers.

Patterns of Perforated Metal Panels

Round holes or round perforations are one of the most common and cheapest perforated metal screen patterns. According to the arrangement of patterns, they are divided into Straight Line Pattern, 45 degree pattern (45° staggered perforated) and 60 degree pattern (60° staggered perforated).

round perforations straight pattern round hole perforated sheet metal
straight pattern round hole perforated metal
round hole perforated metal sheet screen
45 degree pattern round hole perforated metal sheet screen
round hole perforated metal panels
60 degree pattern round hole perforated metal panels

Square hole or square perforation pattern can be divided into straight line perforated and staggered perforated.

straight square perforation perforated sheet
straight square perforation
staggered square perforation, punching hole sheet
staggered square perforation

Round end slot perforation is a beautiful punching pattern, it’s decided into straight center pattern and staggered pattern.

Straight Line Round End Slot Perforated Steel Sheet
Straight Line Round End Slot Perforated Steel Sheet
Slotted Perforated Mesh
Staggered Round End Slot Perforated Mesh
Hexagon punching hole mesh, punching hole sheet
Hexagon Punching Hole Mesh


Perforated metal sheet with holes has a wide range of applications from construction and food applications to filtration and a host of other industrial uses such as:

  • Fuel and Air filters
  • Decoration for Stairs, Ceilings, Walls, and Floors, etc
  • Furniture like Benches and Chairs.
  • Sound Abatement
  • Filtration Screens
  • EMI/RFI protection
  • Protective cover

When you request for a quote, please let us know the following specification of perforated metal screen so that can save our time.

  • Material: Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass or…
  • Surface treatment: Galvanized, polished, polyester coated or …
  • Pattern type: round hole, square hole, slot hole, decorative hole or …
  • Hole size/diameter
  • Centers distance
  • Angle (only for staggered perforated)
  • Margins
  • Length x Width
  • Quantities
  • Destination port (if CIF or CNF)